About Me!

My amazing friend Brooke came up to visit us today, and we did a bit of a photoshoot, and I wanted to share some of the photos with you, and let you see my family a little. I think that putting faces to names can be so beneficial concerning the internet! So here it goes, my family through the eyes of Brooke!

So I am Heather, and I am a 26 year old mom of 1 boy, Noah. I was raised in California, and now live in Iceland through a series of interesting adventures that have not left me disappointed. I am crafty in many ways, but my goal since I could come up with them has been to craft and own my own business with my own two hands. So far so good!

Noah, 11 months old. 2 teeth. Sweetest kid. Hardly fusses. Goes to bed relatively easily. I really couldn't be luckier with my amazing little boy. And have you looked at those baby blues? To die for. He is the reason for Elskan Baby!

Jónas. Icelandic. 26 almost 27. Musician, sound engineer. Amazingly supportive man with a brilliant smile, and beautiful eyes (if I do say so myself). Learned how to crochet so that he could help me keep my dreams going. Generous, sweet, kind. Not a mean bone in his body. Seriously. In the almost 4 years we have been together, the only time he has ever yelled at me was when I was pestering him asking him if he had farted. And he said loudly "I DID NOT FART, OK?". Gentle giant. I really love him so.

We are a cheerful, happy bunch. I would almost even say we were hippy-ish. Minus the drugs.

A few more for the road. I hope you like getting to know my family a little better!