Saturday, February 19, 2011

Giveaway winners!

Alright for the sharing the headband giveaways, here are the winners (picked by

Jennifer Sharp - Amelia Headband

Jocelyn Wesolowski - Orchid Headband

Both winners, congrats! Please email me your addresses to!

Thank you everyone for participating!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Referral Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone for participating, I really appreciate you spreading the word about Elskan Baby! We would be nothing if it wasn't for our amazing customers and fans.

So, without further ado, the winner with a whopping 54 referrals, Carlee H is our winner!

Carlee, please send me an email to with your shipping address, hat choice, and size choice!

As a thank you to my second place winner - Candy Couture (Adrianna Michelle), I have a coupon code for 20% off a future order! Email me too!

Thank you again to everyone else. I say again that I would be nothing without my fans!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet my family!

My amazing friend Brooke came up to visit us today, and we did a bit of a photoshoot, and I wanted to share some of the photos with you, and let you see my family a little. I think that putting faces to names can be so beneficial concerning the internet! So here it goes, my family through the eyes of Brooke!

So I am Heather, and I am a 26 year old mom of 1 boy, Noah. I was raised in California, and now live in Iceland through a series of interesting adventures that have not left me disappointed. I am crafty in many ways, but my goal since I could come up with them has been to craft and own my own business with my own two hands. So far so good!

Noah, 11 months old. 2 teeth. Sweetest kid. Hardly fusses. Goes to bed relatively easily. I really couldn't be luckier with my amazing little boy. And have you looked at those baby blues? To die for. He is the reason for Elskan Baby!

Jónas. Icelandic. 26 almost 27. Musician, sound engineer. Amazingly supportive man with a brilliant smile, and beautiful eyes (if I do say so myself). Learned how to crochet so that he could help me keep my dreams going. Generous, sweet, kind. Not a mean bone in his body. Seriously. In the almost 4 years we have been together, the only time he has ever yelled at me was when I was pestering him asking him if he had farted. And he said loudly "I DID NOT FART, OK?". Gentle giant. I really love him so.

We are a cheerful, happy bunch. I would almost even say we were hippy-ish. Minus the drugs.

A few more for the road. I hope you like getting to know my family a little better!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Locks of Love and a 50s Housewife

Since my little family is here for this time of the year, we have the chance to be a part of Locks of Love. My aunt runs and owns a salon in Ramona, CA called Artistry in Hair, and every year they do Locks of Love. What is LoL? Well, it is when people grow their hair out to at least 10 inches long, and they go in and get it cut. The cut hair is donated to LoL, for people who are dealing with cancer and such. All proceeds go to the foundation as well. So this year, on Feb 14th, Jónas and I will take all money that comes from Elskan Baby that day and donate it. This includes us having a bunch of hats on location at the salon for people to purchase right away. I hope people will take the initiative and help a great cause! We are stoked to be a part, and to help out!

On a side note, I just purchased this awesome book that reminds me of the secret desire I have to become a 50's housewife. The kind that wears the frilly apron, and cooks dinner for friends, has tea time, and never has a stray hair. Maybe this book will help me get a step closer to that! OH, and to getting into shape! That is the big factor in me getting the book! Eating healthier!

Pretty Delicious: Lean and Lovely Recipes for a Healthy, Happy New You

You really should check it out!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Losing weight? Not so much!

I have been finding it super difficult to actually get into a regime of losing weight while not at home. America is full of so many types of foods that we do not have back in Iceland, and I just cannot stop myself! How do you deny when you have suddenly always available that you did not have available for so long?

Trying to find the time to do this crazy excessive workout seems more difficult as well when we are supposed to be on vacation. I almost just want to wait until we get back home to start getting back into shape. But then I look at how chub chub mc.gub I am becoming and it is becoming rather depressing.

What tricks or routines do you use to keep yourself from straying from your regime?! I need help!