Friday, January 28, 2011

Introducing Noah

For all of you new followers, first of all - Thank you!! I appreciate it.
Secondly, I would love to introduce you to my muse! Noah is his name, and being a baby is his game. He is charming, handsome, smiley, and almost 11 months old. He really is my world.

He is also a really great model.

Teresa Headband Winner

Random generator picked Corina Deflumeri to win this headband! Congrats!
Email me at with your shipping details!

Another giveaway will be up soon!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maribelle Headband Winner

Random number generator picked Sherry Sims to win this headband!

Email me at Sherry, with your shipping address! Congrats!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting into Shape

So my husband and I decided that we really need to get into shape. We are both way off of our game and really just need a complete turnover. One night we were up working on hats and an infomercial came on for something called Beach Body Insanity. And it looked super intense, and Jónas was all over it. I wasn't too sure, because I am lazy, but we ended up pirating it off of the internet to give it the once over. And because we steal stuff from the internet.

Well in order to keep us interested, we recruited my 16 year old brother, and my 10 year old brother to join in on the festivities. Surely we cannot back out if we have kids participating.

Well anyways, we took before pictures of ourselves, and I will post them in the next blog, and we will keep up on all of our numbers. I will post those numbers in the next post too, and hopefully all of you will keep up with us and maybe join in!

Jónas and I also looked at this thing called Michi's Ladder, which breaks down everything we eat into a category of what it consists of, and helps us figure out what we are eating, and what we shouldn't be eating. We are very excited to limit our diet and become healthier!

Share with me how you are getting into shape!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giveaway winners!!!

Alright!! My husband and I had a jolly time of writing all the entries onto paper, and folding them and having one of my brother's pull one name out of each box for each category. So thanks for everyone's patience!!!

Here are the results!

Category #1 = Marcella!

Category #2 = Nikki H!

Category #3 = Brooke M!

Now, I don't believe there should be any confusion, for having a lack of full last names, I kind of got tired of writing everyone's full name out, but thank you so much to everyone who entered, and for participating.

Winners, please email me your addresses and info to and we will get everything all sorted out!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Giveaway is closed!

Alright everyone, the giveaway is now closed, and I will begin the fun process of figuring out who is the winner! Names will be drawn!

I appreciate everyone who participated, and look forward to seeing who won!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Elskan Baby, Inner Hooker, and Brooke Aliceon Giveaway

Well here it is, the time has arrived for the giveaway! I have been so excited! Take a look at what we will be offering! There are three categories to enter into, and many ways to get entries!

Category 1:
Neutral Newborn.

Prizes include:

Newborn chin strap hat in lovely neutral yellow from Elskan Baby

Neutral yellow and orange organic cotton newborn earflap hat from Elskan Baby.

3 Crochet patterns of your choosing from Inner Hooker

And another free hat of your choosing from Elskan Baby

You will also receive a newborn sized headband even though it isn't neutral from Elskan Baby:

Category 2:
Newborn Girl

1 newborn sized "Bella" headband from Elskan Baby

1 pink newborn chinstrap hat with attached bow from Elskan Baby

1 lovely newborn headband from Inner Hooker

3 Crochet patterns of your choosing from Inner Hooker.

1 free hat of your choosing from Elskan Baby.

Category 3:
Newborn Boy

1 newborn earflap hat in orange, brown, blue and white.

1 newborn mohawk hat from Inner Hooker

3 Crochet patterns of your choosing from Inner Hooker.

1 "Maribelle" headband for the winning mamma to wear, from Elskan Baby.

If any of the winners live near enough to Southern California, they will also receive a 30 minute mini session which includes web sized images courtesy of Brooke Aliceon Photography.

Ways to get entries: You do not have to do all, but you must do at least one to enter into the giveaway. (You can only enter into 1 category but have more than one entry for it.)

1. Go to each of the following Facebook pages for each of the vendors and "like" them (you can even leave some love if you like!)
Brooke Aliceon Photography
Inner Hooker
Elskan Baby
return here, and leave your name as a comment, and the category number you are entering for.

2. Leave a comment with your name, category number you are entering for, and why you deserve to win the giveaway!

3. Post to your status about the giveaway, linking to Elskan Baby (By typing @Elskan Baby in your status, and link to this blog post). Then come and comment again with your name and category number you are entering for. You can do this once a day, return and comment again with your category number!

4. Tweet about it, comment with the link, and your category number. Again, you can receive an extra entry per day by tweeting about it once a day, and letting us know here!

This giveaway runs from Monday, January 10th until Monday, January 17th! Have fun, and spread the word! Winners will be picked by drawing names out of a hat, so the more entries, the higher your chances to win. My family members will draw the names, and pictures will be taken!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Upcoming Inner Hooker, Elskan Baby & Brooke Aliceon Giveaway information!

THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL GIVEAWAY, just the information before it starts.

Giveaway will start on Monday, January 10th, and close Monday January 17th!

It may have been a while since I have updated the blog, but I do hope that this post will make it worth it! Inner Hooker, Brooke Aliceon Photography, and Elskan Baby (me) are all coming together to bring some lucky moms and photographers a great chance to win patterns, hats, discounts, headbands, and photoshoots. How is it going to work? Read more!

There will be a total of three (3) winners in this giveaway. There will be 3 categories to enter into, and you can only enter one category. In order to enter a category, you will need to add all 3 vendor facebook fan pages, post about the giveaway with a link to at least one vendor so we can see, and comment on the giveaway entry on the blog with your name, and category name. When the giveaway is closed, a winner will be picked at random, and we will make sure that they have followed the rules! I will repost the rules and information in the actual giveaway post.

Categories are as follows: The Yellow, The Pink, and The Blue. Mostly these categories represent boys, girls, and unknown. Most items will be for newborns. All categories will have at least 1 hat, 1 headband, 3 patterns, and if the winner is near the Southern California area, a mini session with Brooke Aliceon Photography which will include a 30 minute shoot and some web sized images out of it, and large discounts to on future purchases!

Feel free to comment with any questions regarding the giveaway!