Friday, August 13, 2010


A few months back, my friend Brooke posted a blog about "quirks" and what she herself considered her quirks to be. Since that post, I've been scouring my brain for something about myself that I consider to be "strange" or "off". It's been rather difficult until last weekend. Let me set the mood for you ;).

We are always late, first of all. Always always always without fail, you can count on us to be late. And last weekend, we were late for a baptism party for my husband's cousin's baby. The party was due to end around 4 and I am pretty sure we got there after 3. We are just terrible.

Well the party was set up with a table along the wall with food and other refreshments, and obviously as invited guests, we are welcome to (if not expected) to help ourselves to the yummy stuff. My husband, of course gets up and does just that with ease. But I found myself incapable of doing it!

So here it is: My quirk consists of me being unable to stand in lines for food if I feel that people's attention may be drawn to me for an extended period of time.

What? Are you serious, Heather? Is that even really a "quirk"? I say yes. This is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last. And let me share with you other times this has happened...

Back in '07, I assisted my good friend Tim Sayer out with photographing a wedding. He flew me out, and I did my best. When it came to the reception, he asked for me to go and grab him and I some food, and I just could not bring myself to do it! I remember him even getting a bit upset with me, and my irrational fear of the food table. It's not that I am embarrassed (I think) or even that I think they will be upset with me for taking food. It's more of I have this overwhelming sense of what is considered "polite" or "proper" or "cordial" and these rules that are in my head only seem to apply to myself. How bizarre, right? Here is another example...

Last year while pregnant, we attended a birthday party that had a similar table spread to the baptism. I was unable to go to the table by myself, and tried to find any reason for anyone heading that direction to grab whatever I wanted for me, using being pregnant as a good excuse.

But I kid you not, I can't even go and grab a drink. Even if I haven't eaten anything all day (like at the baptism) I was still unable to grab something. I suppose I don't enjoy the thought of everyone watching me grab my food, and judging one thing or the next about me, or just looking at me in general.

So I want to know what your quirks are, and I mean a really good quirk that maybe you hadn't even thought of until reading this. I know I am not the only freaky quirky person out there... Or at least, I sincerely hope not. Do you ever feel like I do about situations like this? Share with me!


  1. I have the same irrational quirk! I also am totally uncomfortable eating in a bar, even if it's just a happy hour appetizer or something...I feel like everyone is staring at me!

  2. Yeah! Even though I know they aren't, I still think they are!

  3. I hate eating at the bar and my husband always wants to. The seats are uncomfortable and I feel like people are staring at us, and can hear our conversation.

    That's hilarious about the buffet line ^_^