Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Losing weight? Not so much!

I have been finding it super difficult to actually get into a regime of losing weight while not at home. America is full of so many types of foods that we do not have back in Iceland, and I just cannot stop myself! How do you deny when you have suddenly always available that you did not have available for so long?

Trying to find the time to do this crazy excessive workout seems more difficult as well when we are supposed to be on vacation. I almost just want to wait until we get back home to start getting back into shape. But then I look at how chub chub mc.gub I am becoming and it is becoming rather depressing.

What tricks or routines do you use to keep yourself from straying from your regime?! I need help!


  1. I like to do the torturous V-Ups. And plank workouts. My favorite is pilates though. It's almost like yoga like in how it soothes the mind but works the body way more.

    Try to keep healthy tasty snacks around. (fresh fruit and cut veggies)
    And keep Dark chocolate around to nibble on a square when you feel a craving for sweets.


  2. I've been on Weight Watchers for a while and I find it to be the most reasonable way for me to live. I'm not perfect all the time, but I know that if I don't devote some time to it I'll easily gain weight quickly. I allow myself one pig-out a week...usually ice cream and a big meal. Knowing I don't have to feel deprived all the time keeps me more motivated.

  3. I've always found I do a lot better when I keep a food journal. Knowing I have to write down everything I eat stops me from eating some of those things I shouldn't and helps me stay on track.

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