Thursday, July 22, 2010

All about Brooke (I'm such a creeper!)

We seem off to a good start, two posts in one day! Although, I don't suppose the first blog ever should really count, as it is always kind of a filler/explanation as to why the blog itself exists. Well, in any case, we are on track.

I just felt the urge to delve into a little deeper as to this path I am currently walking, regarding making hats and such. I think it means a lot to me.

I live in Iceland. Oh, what? Iceland you say? Why, Heather? What brought you there? Well that in itself is a long story, and we wouldn't want to go into all that right now. I just do, and I am usually more happy than sad about it. I married an amazing man, and had an amazing little boy, and I am just still here. I do have intentions of moving back to my home place of California in the coming years.

Moving along... Well here in Iceland I have found it difficult to make friends. I can't really say that it is anyone else's fault besides mine, as I have lived here for two years. I find myself in most cases becoming a recluse, hiding behind the comfort of my own walls with my little boy and husband, thriving off of the internet and the connections it gives me back to my family and friends across the US. I pine often for the States.

I've decided that I tend to feel stifled, and creatively blocked, as being on a small island can be difficult when the things you know and love are hard to come by. Spicy cheetos, corn nuts, In-N-Out, Costco, huge craft stores... This list is long.

Well thank goodness we live in a generation run by technology. I can wake up in the morning and see what everyone is doing with their lives, and have visits with my parents who are some 6000 miles away... Simply amazing. I don't know what I would do without my computer and an internet connection. Sad? Maybe. But very true.

Seems this short story has turned a bit long. My fingers tend to get carried away, once they start typing. I simply love the clicking feeling and sounds that come from a keyboard, and that sound really is inspiration to start typing. Yay for blogs!

Ah, to the main part of my short story.

There is this lovely lady named Brooke. It's hard for me to describe the kind of friendship we have, as I think it is rather odd. She is such a lovely woman, and we have known "of" each other for some 7 odd years it seems. I believe we have maybe only seen each other in person 2 times? Maybe just one? Regardless, we knew each other through other people, and became connected through blogging back then. Over the years, we kept up on each other through all the popular sites, a comment here or there. I know that I kind of looked forward to hearing about her, and I really almost felt (feel) kind of foolish for being interested in her so much, as I barely knew her. And when I say "we kept up on each other", I truthfully don't even know if Brooke was indeed doing that, or if I am just alone in that whole bit. I find it funny that it seems we have so much in common, strangely so! But let me say, I have watched her grow and change so much, and it really has been so amazing to see her become the person she is. It's so fantastic to have someone to look at for inspiration! She's become quite the amazing photographer, and not only is the what brought me to Elskan Baby, but she has been so supportive, and for us not even knowing each other face to face, I find this so enchanting, for lack of a better word. I really just wanted people who come to this blog to know about this amazing woman, and to check out her work. Her photography has inspired me to be a better life chronicler for my son with my dinky point and shoot, and to put myself out there for people to see. So please check out Brooke's blogor even her website.

Better yet, follow her on Facebook


  1. I love getting to read about you! It's funny, I feel like I sort of know you from Brooke & the internet ;)
    Brooke is awesome, and truly gifted in encouraging those who need to be encouraged. I pray for that gift, it is such a blessing!

  2. I feel the same about you too, Elise! Glad to know it!

  3. Hi Heather, I am Brooke's mom, Kim. I can't even find the words to describe the awesomeness of being her mom and knowing her all of her life. She is beyond amazing and never ceases to do just that, amaze me. I am so blessed to be so intimately connected to such a gifted, talented, intelligent and most of all spiritual person. I am happy that the two of you have this special relationship and want to personally thank you for your encouragement. I look forward to meeting you one day. And last but not least, I love your hats and the babies underneath them! Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Hi Kim! You truly have an amazing daughter. And thanks so much for your compliments, and I know that we will meet each other sooner rather than later!

  5. Where did my comment go?

    Anyway, Heather... you are a true joy.

    I love so much about you and everything you said up there brought tears to my eyes. I've been feeling so un-encouraged lately, that to have someone say those things just at random... well I can't even express how much it means to me.

    Thank you for being such a great friend to me. I cannot WAIT for Dec. Seriously.