Friday, July 23, 2010

Post Partum Grumbles

I have discovered what, in my opinion, is one of the most annoying parts of being postpartum. Hair loss. I practically dread getting in the shower to wash my hair, as I watch in horror as clumps of hair leave my head and wave goodbye as they get sucked down the drain.

I've never been one to usually have long hair. I was one more known for the short pixie looks, bobs, and so forth. Well somehow I have acquired the longest hair I have ever had. It's all the way down to my chest, or mid-back. I have naturally fine, curly hair, and it's become quite the burden to do anything with.

I keep reasoning with myself that I want to keep it long to enjoy having long hair for the first time, and have even eluded a simple hair cut or trim for the last two years. I'm rather appalled by how unhealthy my hair ends are. How did it all come to this?

Living with a constant bun/pony-tail has gotten so boring, and makes me feel super drab and completely unfashionable (coupled with the fact that most of what I wear nowadays comes from my husband's side of the closet) and self conscious.

How are other mothers coping with this sad side effect? I knew it would come, this constant hair-shedding, but I guess I didn't understand just how much would actually come out. How long does this last? Should I just go back to having short hair?

Grumble grumble.

It's good to know, I suppose, that it's not a going bald type of thing.


  1. Okay, so my hair has been shedding and I haves super long hair.

    I think it just sheds and you just have to choose if you want to deal with it or not. Haha.

    I feel like... if i can just blow dry and straighten my hair once... I'll go with it, and I love it. Just take your time and do what you can WHEN you can. If you have a moment... decide that you will do something for YOU. It's a hard world of balancing acts and wearing many hats, but you will find YOUR normal.

    Love you to pieces.

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  3. ugghh! My hair didn't fall out for a few months after I had my son so I thought I was in the clear...not so much! It started falling out in gobs!

  4. I that is what is happening to me, the first two, I don't think it bothered me at all, then it was just suddenly SO much!