Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a great day!

Today was way more pleasant than yesterday. I can say that I will probably go to sleep with a smile on my face. Good food, good family time, and many other things added to the loveliness of the evening. I got to be a little feminine with my hair done, and some makeup. I felt pretty, confident, and just good overall. Can't complain one bit!

My thought of the day is how watching other parents can influence your own parenting. I know that personally, I watch closely to the little things parents do with their children, and decide whether it is a way I would do it or not. Of course I do this with an open mind, as what works for one child may or may not work for another. And this in itself is perfectly fine, but watching how any child has learned to behave based on the forms of parenting they receive is really valuable in learning for myself how to be.

And every time we are finished hanging out with other parents and their children, Jonas and I usually lightly discuss anything that we feel we wouldn't want to do with Noah. Most often, we feel exactly the same way about the same things. I am really thankful for that. I think that being on the same team when it comes to parenting is important.

And let me clarify, just because it is something we do not want to do, does not mean we are concluding it as bad parenting. It just means it's something that doesn't feel as though it would fit right with us and our family, and the way we want Noah to be influenced. We are by no means professionals, and do not make any such claims. But learning is so important!

We had dinner with our family (Who lives in the main house upstairs from us. We live in an attached apartment around the side of the house. I'd say a granny flat, but it's bigger, and suiting to our needs.) which was wonderful and delicious. After that, we brought Noah down for his bath, after-bath massage, snuggles, and bed. Simply divine. I love these types of evenings, as it brings all three of us (Jonas, Noah & myself of course) together. These times are just great. We bathe Noah together, and make him laugh and bond over his baby oil massage (to keep him baby soft!) and listen to music, and include tickles, kisses and laughter. I wouldn't trade these moments for the world.
(We also think he started crawling tonight! Yay!)

So my question to you, is do you do the same as Jonas and I, learning from other parents? And how do you put it into affect in the raising of your own child?

Here is a shot of Noah from after his bath!

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